Friday, December 25, 2015

Salvaging an old shed.

Took down some old sheds that were rotting away at a different location and salvaged most of the 2x4s and one of the roofs.
The floors were toast and not worth saving.
With some help from friends we got the roof loaded onto the truck.
Slowly we drove the roof across town to the new location.
Tight Fit down this road!!!
The new floor is mostly made out of a dance floor I made for the robots for outdoor events  plus one new section to make the size a full 8x12. Getting ready to roof the old roof after taking the old shingles off.

Other than being short about 6 or 7 2x4s and the new siding and door the shed is made of the two old sheds that were falling apart. Got rid of some garbage, recycled, and got a new shed out of it all for 1/4th of the cost of a new one! This shed will be strictly for the lawn and garden items.

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