Sunday, January 3, 2016

Kitchen improvements

Doing some kitchen storage improvements, some like to use the word remodel but to me that would mean stripping everything out and starting with all new cabinets. No, we like out small kitchen the way it is. It just needed some more storage and a much needed dishwasher. Currently I got the dishwasher installed and working and the upper cabinets installed and level. Still got to box the top of the new upper cabinets in to match the others then change the molding to something nicer. Added new sink fixtures but this coming spring we will change the entire counter top.
On the other side of the kitchen we are putting in a pantry. I need to make a custom cabinet for the narrow space in between it and the stove as there is no such stock sized cabinet. All the door knobs will be replaced and everything painted white. :)
Please excuse the fridge. lol

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