Monday, January 11, 2016

Making molds 101

I got tired of pouring one resin Dalek ring at a time. As I need 56 of them for just one Dalek it would take way to long to get them all done. So I decided to make two extra molds to make the work go faster. Making a mold is easy, just a flat surface and some strips of wood. Some people use Legos but I prefer my molds to have a flat smooth bottom and walls.

 One the framework is together and sealed with hot glue so no material can leak out the jig, mold compound is then added with the piece to be duplicated centered in the jig. Always pour to the lowest spot first pouring from as high as you can to get rid of bubbles in the mix.

 Pouring three seals up at once makes things go a lot faster! Any left over resin from each pour is put into another mold of parts I still need for my builds.

 The finished product! A full Dalek bump with the black ring! Only 44 left to go!

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