Monday, January 4, 2016

More work on the kitchen

Had some time today before it got dark so I got some more work done in the kitchen. I took down the rest of the thin crown molding and boxed in the tops of the newer upper cabinets. I pre-drilled and countersunk for the screws so there is no splitting and a bit of wood filler will hide the few screws you will see whenfinished.
I got one piece of the new crown molding installed but my chop saw is just a cheap one from 10 years ago and is not good for cutting anything more than flat stock. So I will need to make a fence jig so I can cut compound angles or just get a better saw.
I did finally get a new table saw after Frankensteining my old one back together so many times. The new saw cuts great, he only problem I see so far it that the miter slot on the right side was not cut right and the miter gauge will not slide in it. Hopefully I can find a metal file thin enough and run it in the miter hold down slots to fix it.

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