Friday, February 1, 2008

Backstory Part 5

Early the next morning after having a good meal with his fellow Ithorians and a contingent of Naboo botanists and native wildlife experts that would be accompanying them, Esoom went to his room to gather his tools and R2-CM before the speeders would arrive that would take them to one of the many clean up sights. The first stop was a great open grass plain were the ravages of a recent war were still fresh on the ground. Even with the Gungan bodies removed it was still a shocking sight. Battle droids and tanks were strung all over the place. Hand held shields still lay where Gungan gave their lives to hold the front lines. A giant Famba lay motionless on the field; its shield generator still strapped to its back. There were personnel that were just recently starting to clean up the metal debris of the droids now that all the bodies were removed. A Gungan Female and her children could be seen on the field crying at the spot were a loved one had died, a human female could be seen holding her as she wept.
The Ithorians all got out and started chanting a prayer of hope and renewal, CM just stood behind them sighlently in respect as another astromech that looked similar to him but blue came up along side of him and did the same thing. The Gungan female on the field hugged the human and took her children's hands and started heading towards a swamp in the distance. The human female then headed in the direction of the Ithorians. She stood there silently while they finished the prayer with tears starting to form in her eyes.
“That was a beautiful prayer” the young female said when it was over, “My name is Padme, and I am one of the queen’s handmaidens. She has asked me to accompany you and help any way I can today. My friend and the queen’s personal astromech R2-D2 will be coming to, he is right behind you.
The Ithorians and CM turned to say hi to R2-D2, he whistled back happily in return. Then the head Ithorian turned back to Padme and told her that two of his group would stay here and take plant and grass samples from the area for cloning new seeds.
“Very well I shall show you the next spot that needs urgent attention”. Padme said with great sadness.
Esoom looked at Padme for a second thinking that he knew her from somewhere, but then dismissed the idea. Everyone got back on the speeders and slowly went off into a nearby forest. Padme herself piloted a speeder and ask Esoom to join her along with his droid. Esoom gladly accepted and got into the passenger seat with R2-D2 and R2-CM piled in the back. The two droids chatted happily with each other the whole way, which was very amusing to the two upfront. As they approached the next area their smiles instantly faded. Another open grass area was in front of them with the surrounding forests decimated and destroyed by Trade Federation C-9979 Landing ships, MTT transports, and AAT battle tanks. The only thing left in the area now though were the C-9979’s with their sagging or snapped off wings due to the power for their Repulsor field stabilizers being shut off or running out of power, and the heavy wing not being able to support themselves failed structurally.
“This is the most heavily damaged forests and wildlife area on the planet.” Padme exclaimed as she got out of the speeder and pointed in a wide ark at the sheer vastness of toppled trees and dead animals that could not get out of the way fast enough. “Not only will this be a hard task to complete but a dangerous one at that. There may still may be OOM series battle droids and Destroyer droids loose in the area what were not controlled directly by the Control ship.”
R2-CM and R2-D2 chirped with worry at one another.
Padme continued, “ There will be some of our best pilots in the skies overhead looking out for the droids in question. But you must remain ever vigilant! All the landing craft here will be towed away soon so our task is to save what plants, trees, and all the living animals we can. The rare and now endangered plants in this area will need special attention. Come let us get to work.”
Next, the droids return.....

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