Monday, May 5, 2008

Drilling for wires

Today I drilled holes in the legs and frame to run the motor wires threw. I set up the legs to 18 degrees and marked the best location for the holes. I then took the legs off and set them on some cheap chairs that have cushions on them.
I drilled the holes in the legs were I marked them. The holes are bigger then the wires because I will be adding connectors to the wire ends later and want to be able to take the wire out later if need be.
I then fished the wires down into the legs and out the other end.
I also drilled the holes in the frame where I marked them. I drilled the same sized hole as I did in the legs.
I then put the legs and the frame back together and ran the wires into the body.
I then tucked the other end of the wires into the feet and put the legs at an extreme angle to make sure the wires do not pinch. Everything looks good so far.

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