Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Foot parts

While I was out on a job in Omaha I stopped by Precision Industries to grab some bearings for my drive wheels. They said my wheels were a just shy of a bearing that would fit. I got them anyway as they are the only people around that had anything close to what I am looking for.
When I got home I took some fine sand paper and sanded the inside of one of the hubs till the chrome finish was gone and it was not so tight of a fit. It still needs some work but a storm is on the way so it will have to wait.

Also in the mail came my JAG center foot brackets. I will leave them in the bag till I get a chance to prime them.A few days ago I ordered five 2 inch omni balls for my center foot and the back of my outer feet. I also ordered a 4 inch omni that I will convert to fit under the center wheel at some future point. The 4 inch one came today but not the 2 inch ones I need. This bad boy is huge!

It is made in Italy and looks like they made it out of a botchie ball (I love that game) lol.


Thierry said...

where do you buy your 4inch omni ball ?

Thanks for your help

DarthMoose74 said...

I got mine here.

Look under casters or wheels