Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wheel Work

Before I went to work I took the center foot brackets off the hanger and sprayed where the hanger was touching.
When I got done working I had two surprises waiting in the mail. My 2 inch omni balls and my scooter motors I got from Andy.
I was so happy that I went to the hardware store down the street and got some nuts, bolts, and some lock tight.My motor bolts need some sleeves so the shaft does not rub on the motor holders.Here is a picture of the sleeves I am using.I also got some threaded sleeves for my bracket stand offs. They did not have 1 & 1/4 so I had to get 1 inch ones and 1/4 inch ones. I staggered the two sizes to give added strength plus a little lock tight.When the sleeves where tightened up they were all level to each other.
I finish bolting everything together and added the omni balls which I forgot to take a picture of. LOL Here is the Center foot with the omni balls underneath. Nice ride height!
Next I installed the motors with the sleeves and the drive belt all at once.
I also put my two remaining omni balls in the back of the drive feet.
I still have not heard back from the scooter motor supplier about my hub problem.
If it was not for the bearing problem I could have my R2 on all his wheels by tomorrow night.
I could also attach the center leg permanently if my hubs were together. Oh well, there is plenty of other work I can do till then.

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