Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dome day for the builders

We had a dome build day over at Clay's house a few days ago so I brought my 300 dome as a reference point for all the Styrene ones being cut by other members.
Using my Dome as reference we made a jig for drawing all the round lines.
Then for all the strait up lines we placed the domes on the old C&J Dome blueprint and marked them on the bottom lip of the dome then used a straight line jig attached to the top of the dome to draw them straight up.
Clay made this Jig for drawing the pie panels evenly. It is avaliable on our group sight at
After a long night we are tired so here is a group shot of us at the end of the night with the domes. The 300 Dome of mine is the one with the brown panels.

Up front in the red is Little City.
Behind him the guy not looking at the camera is Dash
Way in the back holding a dome is me Moose
And on the other side with his arm on an R4 dome is Clay.

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