Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Droid #2 work

Sunday Jayson and me got our frames glued up. This is his first frame and my second.
We started with his frame first, I put glue on the pieces and he reassembled the frame.
We then wrapped his skins around the frame to make sure everything was square.
Then we clamped everything tightly together and let it dry for a few hours.
Jayson did not want Reaper to touch his frame while it was drying LOL.
While we were waiting for his frame to tack up we started working on the leg template. We double checked the measurements against Dash's A&A leg and my original wood legs. Everything looked a ok.
Jayson carefully cut along the ruler while I held it in place.
For the cut around the top we just used one of my horseshoes from Patches as a guide.
After we got the template cut out we retraced it onto some Masonite and cut most of it out.
Then before we called it a night we moved his frame and glued mine up and left it to dry overnight.

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