Friday, September 5, 2008

Cub Scout event

We did a cub scout event last week with the 501st but no one ever got any of the pictures that were taken during the event. LittleCity took one before and after the event so that is all we have.
It was a school's gym packed with kids who had just got done eating ice cream. Not a good combo, I was cleaning smudge marks off of Patches for at least an hour afterwords. At least the scouts were nice and gave us R2-Potatos for brining the droids :) All in all it was a fun event.

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Jawa Jaka said...

Looks like Patches is seeing alot of action lately! LOl Oh, and I must admit, I LOVE the brown color now that it's on him. Lookin' good!

AL's next showing is in less than two weeks at Mountain Con in Salt Lake. I'm hoping to have him moving by then. Got everything except the speed controller, and my supplier is looking for one.