Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quick Dome update

Today I started with routing out the back of the eye so the lens will fit all the way in and flush.
I taped off the lens so it would not get scratched then grounded off some of the outer lip.
Now the eye piece will sit flush to the dome without the lens being in the way.
I then masked off certain areas of the dome to finally finish filing the lips all uniform and smooth.

My 350 hinges came in yesterday and I spent some time putting them together.
I also got my periscope together using a 4-40 tap and screws.
I started modifying some drawer slides for raising the periscope and lightsaber.
I then made a bracket to hold the mini servo that will rotate the periscope from inside the PVC tube.
My Picaxe 18x chips are here! Ya! So I installed them.
I also bought a Y splitter as well when I was out so I can power my Keycoder finally
It seems to work perfectly!
After filing the bottom two areas earlier I also glued the parts of the outer dome than was never glued
I marked where I wanted the center eye and drilled some holes
Last I drilled some more holes so I can attach some more dome panels with silicon from behind.


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