Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Legs skins and Scrubbers

I found the body for a Scrubber droid from episode 1 at Walmart in the Automotive section.
I am going off the information already compiled here....
This is my new side project now that the GONK is 95% done.
Today I put a coat of primer and paint on some of my skin parts before it got dark.

Next I did the trimming on the back skins for the power coupler and octagon port.
Once it got dark Brad and L.C. came over and we finished routing out the big leg parts.

The pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger!
After a bit L.C. had to leave and Dash came over with his newly purchased USED bansaw.
It had a few issues and alignment problems but after an hour we had them all resoled. Now we have another tool to use in the arsenal.
Thursday we hope to hollow out the 3/4 inch leg pieces with the new saw.

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