Friday, November 7, 2008

More Leg Work

Tonight L.C. Brad and me finished up the last couple of pieces of the 6 sets of outer legs for the group.
L.C. and I cut out the shoulder hubs and thin back ankel pieces.
The circles were to small and unstable to router out so I made a quick jig to do it on Dash's jigsaw. There was still a tracking issue with the blade so we took it appart and beefed up the adjustment arms. Now it is tracking like new.
This is a lot safer!
Brad a.k.a. KITT still had to put a starting notch in each peice so i could get each one started.
L.C. routered all the back ankel pieces while we did the circles.
After a while this is what we had.
Now we have 12 outer legs. YAAAA!
We started to make a pocket template for the under arm details. We are going to make it bigger so we can put the 1/8 inch pieces of wood behind it for a smoother look.
We also tested out a couple of my hole saws to cut the circle holes for the shoulder hub pieces. This was the closest I could find and it is a hair to big. I guess I got to go get another one that is 3 3/8 in diameter.
Our stack of leg parts is getting a little heavy for this shelf. I got to make room and bring in a stronger shelf. LOL

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