Monday, June 29, 2009

Astromech Manhood

To save some time with all the skirts we have to make, Brad made one skirt rib out of wood from scratch and sanded all the wood grain off of it.
Then out of a temporary mold Brad made six more and sanded them some more till they were all uniform. Once they were all fine tuned I brought over my mold compound and we made a mold of six of them with the help of some Lego and tape.
Looks like a toy xylophone.
After pounding out the bubbles we set the mold aside to dry for a few hours.
Once the mold is dry I slowly remove the mold from the Lego blocks then take out the temp skirt ribs.
I then trim the edges of the mold around each rib.
Brad and I pour up a first batch. It takes a hair more than 3 ounces to fill all six.
You can see the chemical reaction taking place.
The first set came out with no bubbles or problems.
We checked the fit on Brad's skirt and it looks good. I will make a set on Tuesday for Patches so he has some manhood.

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