Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Frame gluing again

Today me and Jen helped Serena with her R5 frame. We did a dry fit and fixed a few small problems.
Then we checked it for plumb and level. Once that was all done we took it apart and started gluing it together.
With the hot air we had to move fast so the glue did not skin over.
Piece by piece we got it together.
Once it was together we put some straps around the frame and LC's aluminum skins to suck it all together.
With the help pf a dead blow hammer I tapped everything down and level. Now it just needs to dry overnight before adding more glue to the back of the routered out areas.
Once that was done I helped Dawmer dry fit his frame together as well. I had to adjust two of the pieces to get everything to fit just right. Saturday we will glue Dawmer's frame as well as Dash's. Plus I hope to get the ribs sanded and put on my skirts.

Here is Brad's R2 next to my brothers truck on the 4th.

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