Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Custom Skins part 2

Worked a little on PD's custom front skins. Here is a little more detail on how I do it.
First I lightly score the lines on the serface of the material and then go back over it again with a deeper cut.
Once scored I flip it over and bend it in the center of the cut until I can see a faint line on the back side.
I then follow the crease line with the knife until i get close to the ends.
Bending back and forth in the center the ABS starts to separate on the lines. Once everything but the corners are freed I slowly pull and wiggle till two corners are free.
I then wiggle the loose panel back and forth till the other two corners come free.
To make sure your lines are straight it is good to make sure you are comfortable and your entire arm supported. Believe it or not but this is how I do it.
The front outer skin is about 80% done. I am going to put the skins aside and work on the R3 dome tonight with Jen.

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