Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall build night

I worked on sanding my inner back skin of the door frame till it fit the opening easily in Patches, then reassembled the whole thing. Here is the back...
Here is the front. I need to recess the screws a bit more before I repaint the outer frame.
Here it is held up to R2-CM. Now I just need to get some magnets.
I also got some work done attaching R3's skins.
We were going to drill the pipe hole for the legs in Syrena's frame but found out the frame needed some sanding first so the skins would fit right. So Syrena and Brad sanded and sanded for about an hour.

Dawmer filled all the dado holes in Steve's frame with glue.Syrena and Dawmer then sanded their center legs smooth then I helped them drill the pivot holes.
When we were done the guys helped me get the R2 dance floor out of storage for an event next week.

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