Thursday, October 15, 2009

No pictures please

No pictures the past two days as I do not have Jen's camera. Here is what I did these two days.

1. Installed a servo and picaxe in T3's head to control his gun flap on the head. Or as I like to call it.. his ear.
2. Fitted Patches rear door and installed the magnets that hold it on.
3. Painted the last of the rear door panels for Patches and set them aside to dry for 5 days.
4. Brad got tired of messing with his plastic skins so I let him take over ED's aluminum skins and put them on his droid. Tonight we got the front ones on and ready for panels.
5. Programmed the T3 picaxe with 800 lines of code to make it move just like in the game.
6. Tonight I am going to do some bondo filling on Patches' legs where there are holes and valleys in the layers before I sand them smooth tomorrow.
7. Tomorrow I am going to go hunting for some belts for Dawmer's sander so I can sand Patches' outer legs and do a proper coat of bondo to them before I have to get ready to leave for the Denver Star Wars concert. (Hope to see some of you there!)
8. Next Tuesday I plan to paint Patches' legs so they have enough time to dry so I can use him that Saturday. If not i will just primer them white for now.

9. Get some sleep somehow with all this going on :)

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