Monday, February 22, 2010

Colors of the rainbow

Went over to Brad's yesterday to do some painting on the droid parts. Here is the first few coats of red on R3.I cleaned off the top of the one booster on Patches that had some problems and repainted it. Just two little mini fish eyes this time. GRRR. Will put another coat on later to see if they go away.
For some reason Dawmer's dome and my R4 boosters were doing all sorts of funky things when we tried painting them. Maybe it was a combination of the temperature, the huried prep work prep, and the light color paints we used. Finally I got mad enough and stripped the boosters all the way back down and shot it again. The second time it came out much better but there is a spot or two I would like to fix. Maybe I should wait to paint till spring on the rest of the yellow parts as they seam to be more temperamental than the red and brown. With the yellow I will need several more coats to hide the primer underneath. Right now it looks a little green threw the primer.

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