Saturday, February 20, 2010

This, that, and the other

Syrena decided to use aluminum skins for her droid so she could have the doors open. Jen and I stopped by to help her get started on her droid. The black ABS skins I made for her origionally will now go on my R4. Once I showed her the basics to attaching aluminum she took over and finished mounting them herself.
Later on everyone came over to work on their droids. Dawmer did some file work to his motor holders and Jen helped me take the silver tape off the inner skins that Syrena originally put on. I will be painting the skins so the tape had to come off.
I helped get Syrena's motor holders finished as Dawmer's needed some tweaking before getting them ready to finish.
Brad cutting some spacers and filing some rough spots.
When Syrena's motor holders where done she helped me take R4 all the way back apart again so I can put the skins on later.
Nothing like a well balanced droid. LOL Poor R4-ED in pieces again, he was just driving around yesterday.
Jen finished getting the tape off the skins, later I will clean the glue residue off. Thanks Babe!
Dawmer still filing away in the background.

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