Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A lot of little things.

Today I checked to see if T3 could take a bigger battery size. (12volt 18 amp)
I borrowed Big-D's and they barely fit inside but do clear all the machinery. Unfortunately they do not clear all the electronics of my removable RC setup. So I may have to make a dedicated system for him if I upgrade to the new batteries.

Also I brought T3 inside for the first time this summer with everything connected and attached. He did not fit. Jen and I had to rotate his entire body twice just to get him past the side door. I wish I could re-size the door but the steps are in the way on one side and the wall is in the way on the other. These older houses were not built with robots in mind. I will figure something out.later, in the mean time I will just have to make due.

Come to find out this weekend is my last free one for a while so lets see what I can get done :)

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