Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hanging out with NASA

Members of NASA were in town for a get together at the Local Air Museum. As the Pod racer is at the museum it was decided to have a Star Wars theme to the event. So the Central Garrison was nice enough to invite R2-Central and the Rebel Legion to come and help them out.

Here is R2-CM (Patches) and R5-TK hanging out before the event. Um...plane....behind you!
The NASA members took a ton of pictures with all of us. Here is just one of many.
Syrena and me with out wandering around with the droids in our Rebel Legion costumes.
The camera could not take very good pictures where the Pod Racer was as it was a bit dark, but here it is. It is a full scale replica, the thing is huge!
It was a great event. We got to meet a lot of friendly NASA people.
One small step for man, one huge booster leap for droid kind.

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