Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Armor party

A few old and new members of the 501st wanted to work on costumes so I invited them over to my place so they could get some help with their projects. More photos are on my Facebook page under Moose Mendolia.

Jim is getting his Stormtrooper ready for this weekends con. Denny worked on his  armor project as well.
 Something just don't look right?
 Mark and Heather brought over their future trooper and also worked on Mark's new Sandtrooper.
 Chris worked on his project diligently.
 Grinding away.
 A few new helmets all pretty and clean.
 I even managed to get s few of my backpack parts cleaned up and painted. :)
 Ben working on his Mando.
Once it got dark we all went out for a bite to eat. Even Brad and Adam came to join us for a while..
Jen, Jess, and Trish hamming it up for the camera.
Everyone had a great time and got a lot done. We will do it again soon!

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Jessica said...

It is amazing what we can do as a group isn't it. :D

OH and tons of fun too!