Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some R3 love

 Today I spent the day working on Jen's R3. I did the final Bondo work on the center leg.
Here is the before picture...
 One of many layers of Bondo. Sand, fill, sand, fill.
 Once everything was smooth the leg got a few coats of primer.
 Here is the after picture of the basic leg in black.
 While I was at it I put the final coat of black on the foot shells.
 Once everything had time to cure I installed the pieces back onto the droid. First I put the legs back together followed by the horseshoes with the shims.
 Now on to the other side.....
 R3 finally has most of her big pieces on. Just a little aligning and tightening up and R3 is good to go for a troop.  Wait till Patches sees her! ((Wolf Whistle))

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