Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Goodbye Mistress."

Elisabeth Sladen
 On April 19th of this year, one of my favorite actresses of all time that I have watched sense I was a kid passed away at the age of 63 from cancer. Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith). She started on Doctor Who in 1973, (a year before I was born) costarring with the 3rd Doctor , Jon Pertwee. She left in 1976 after traveling around with the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker.  She has had numerous return visits to the show over the years and even has her own spin off show that was currently in it's 5th year of production. She always portrayed herself in public just like her character; smart, funny, brave, and caring.  Most of the public including me had no idea she was even sick. Her loss is sudden and tragic for everyone.
 I was hoping to meet her in person some day and get her autograph on the K-9 I am building, but alas that day will never come. I am more determined than ever to get my K-9 done this year and put a tribute to Elisabeth Sladen on K-9's view screen.
 She will be missed by family and fans alike. As the 10th Doctor said to her, " Sarah Jane Smith."
  -Moose Mendolia

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