Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No pictures this time but got some stuff done.

No pics this post but got a few updates.
Got K-9's neck all done the other day only to find out the motor set up I am using makes the head move at different speeds depending which direction it is moving. I want a more fluid movement. so I am going to change part of the set up to fix that.

R4's new dome base plate is now mounted to the lazy susan.  I also got thedrive motors installed again but not the wheels as I need to make some spacers for them.

The Tron room now has the start of it's sides and will get painted hopefully next week. Also got the jigs made so I can make the other back wall.

Patches (R2-CM) is slowly getting his 5000 mile tune up for this summer. Lots of little things to do on him over the next few weeks.

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