Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More work done

My friend Jon came over and helped glue up the shoulders and I got the rest.

For the shoulders I used a slower drying glue called Waterproof Titebond III Ultimate Wood glue. It has a strong hold on smooth surfaces and the long drying time lets you have more time to clean out any glue that gets into the grooves.

I also bought some high dollar clamps because the cheap bargain ones kept coming loose.

The new ones are pictured below, I got 6 of them at $15 a pop. It may sound like a lot but its better that having to start over because a clamp let loose.

I also got my CF3 sound system in with two 12 button remotes . It may look like a mess but thats ok for now until I get all the other electronics installed, then I will clean it all up.
I also hooked it up to have remote volume control. The #12 button on one remote is volume up, and the #12 on the other remote is volume down.

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