Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Workshop upgrade Part 1

The workshop area we use just got an upgraded roof, unfortunately when it was put on it covered everything inside with a coat of black roofing dust.
The roof looks great though! Still needs gutters.
We also just had our garage sale and got rid of a lot of old items we never use over the weekend, unfortunately a few of them were old mowers that still had poison oak on them from the year before. So now I am itchy all over again this year. :P

So with the black roofing dust and itchy stuff in the shop we decided it is time to clean it out, gut the stuff we don't want, and do a cheap but yet useful remodel.
Stay tuned for updates!

Monday, May 28, 2012

More room!

With the console being built as well as the Daleks, I ran out of room in the workshop fast.
Luckily this was the weekend of the garage sale; got rid of the extra mowers, bikes, boxes of old toys, clothing, and tons of other stuff we never use.

Now it is time for a super makeover for the workshop, already put new shingles on the roof earlier this week, now I am going to gut the inside, paint the floors and walls, and reorganize everything else. That is once I get rid of this poison oak I got from the old mowers. :P

Everyone loves a workshop makeover so I will post pics as I go....

Saturday, May 19, 2012

We got wheels man!

Put the wheels on my Dalek build today! Now he can move around with ease.

Also put some casters under the TARDIS console as it is a pain to move otherwise.

No pics today, sorry.

Steampunk lantern

Eric finished his Steampunk lantern the other day so I finished up the last of the wiring.
It turned out great, it is hard to see but there are brass rods all around the lens that hold it together.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Build day and helping friends.. with a little gaming

Denny has one of those Star Trek chess boards but it was missing a few removable boards on it. So today we took the time to make a whole set of new ones. Here is an original with the four new ones we are making.
Once the new pieces were made we could not resist playing a game.
The battle is getting heated!
Next I got everything layed out for Denny's SG-1 GDO. Soon the buttons will be recessed in the resin.
Also I was helping Eric with his new Steampunk project, wiring up some LEDs and a hidden power source.
We have light!!!!!!
With so many people doing projects over here again it was time to bust out storage space for everyone.
I got a little wiring done myself on the Tardis.
Later that night we played some Star Wars battleships. 500 points, faction pure.It came down to two fighters battling it out. The last round Eric rolled a 19 and I rolled a 3. Dam!
End of another fun build day, time to clean up for the next one!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My projects bring all the girls to the garage. ♪ ♫

Dam right they can build! And look good doing it as well.Geek girls are hot, smart, and know their way around a workshop.
Who says only boys can build? We are an equal opportunity kind of group. :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Making Plywood

There is no plywood in the off size I need for part of the project, so I ended up making my own. Some thin stock, a generous amount of glue, and a lot of clamps later, I got what I need. I will let it dry over night before I cut it to size.