Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Frames Finished...sort of

Jayson and me have been putting it off for a while but last night we finished our frames
We made the notch for the coin slot
Cut the 5 inch strait lines on the bottom
and cut the skirt holes as well
Later we need to sand the outside diamiter just a hair because no amount of stretching the skins will fill this gap.
I'm beat, we are done for the night.

Dome Stuff

My Picaxe boards came in yesterday along with the resistor pack chip to make servos work. I changed out the chip and cut the resistor to seperate power. My actual PicAxe 18x chips will be here today.
Changing chips....
On my dome I filed the rear display to the right size and JB welded in some 4-40 bolts to hold everything together.
Next I traced out the hole for the rear PSI
I taped of the dome to protect it and drilled out the rough shape of the hole.
Then I filed the hole up to the pen line...
and then took off the burs with a smaller file.
I THen Taped off the dome to keep overspray off of it
I then primed, wet sanded, and painted the area.
I took off the tape and paper and set it aside to dry. Today is Wednesday so hopefully it is cured enough by Saturday.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

R2ing and Star Wars Miniatures

Last week was the release of the new Star Wars Miniatures set called "KOTOR" and most of us builders are also avid fans of the game so we decided to have a build/Booster opening party.
Notice Patches looking at the 6 and a half cases of boosters. Jason and James and I got most of the pieces we wanted. After opening boosters and checking out Denny's new Scout trooper helmet from episode 3 and stuffing ourselves with pizza we helped Clay build some new motor holders with my old motors and wheels. His old power wheel set up was to loud.
It is not a fancy A&A set up but it works just as good and now his R2 is nice and quiet.
I also made a new aluminum mounting bracket for my dome motor and put some traction tape on the lazy susan. Now no more squeaks or hang ups :)
You can also see my temporary fire extinguisher.
Patches extinguisher will eventually be in the dome some day.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Parade and Movie pictures

Not much to report build wise this weekend but here are a few pictures of a parade and some other theater pics.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Clone Wars event

The R2-central builders went to another opening at the 20 Grand last week. R2-CM meet his first clone trooper and so did I. Very cool!
The theater had steady flow of people so not too many photos but here is one more of half the group.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Update

First I started out by widening my holes for my dome bumps. I want then flush to the inner dome.

I then sanded all the JB weld and edges of cut lines so everything is flush.

I put the two dome halves on a level surface to make sure the lip was evenly spaced at the bottom then redrew the lines on the inner dome darker.

I then drilled some holes in the non used pie plate areas and sanded them smooth as well.

I am using Super 77 to bond my dome. Unlike most domes mine outer one is actually bigger than the inner so the very bottom back side is not bonded....yet.
R2 looks like Pinhead from Hellraiser LOL.

While the dome dried I sanded the bondo on my resin eye and primered it. It will not have time for paint to dry by Friday so no paint for now.

I also put a makeshift extinguisher together till my solenoid comes.

The next day after work I hot glued his panels in place real quick because I had an hour till I needed to be at the Theater.
His lower ring is way to big and needs to be cut and re-welded, that is why it is not painted.

Here is R2 "Patches" at the Clone wars release party!