Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scrubs work

I got the side buttons all glued together for Scrubs.
Then i silvered the wood to make them look metal.
While I was at it i silvered the spacer for Patches horseshoes.

PD's PSI lights

I wanted the PSI lights to have the same shape and size housings as each other because you will see them a little inside the dome, so I used two Dixie cups and reversed one of them as the back PSI circle is bigger than the front. I cut off the drinking lip on the front PSI and for the rear I cut off the bottom and glued on a plastic circle on the drinking end.
Next i silvered the insides of the cups and attached my circuits with some hot glue.
Holding the lights in place to make sure they fit the circles right i tested them out while jen took the pictures.
We still need to frost the front of the PSI lens and paint the cups black before we mount them permanently, but it is still cool to see.


Attaching PD's skins

We tested out attaching the skins on some scrap to make sure there would not be any cracking or pull through. Once we got that figured out we started attaching the inner front skin for real.
We got the bottom all the way on and everything else seams to line up fine.
We will attach the rest after we take the legs off.
Also in the picture you can see that PD's skirt is ready for attachment as well.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kevin's Frame

Tonight we all helped Kevin glue up his frame that he took over from me.
After one more dry fit we started gluing.
Once everything was together we put on some skins and clamped it all together and let it sit for the night.

Legs and more Legs

I helped Dawmer do some more work on his legs, using a template we marked there the pivot hole will go.
Then we drilled the holes out on the drill press.
Adding in the brass bushing these legs are ready for motor holders.
The last thing we needed to to to Dawmer's legs for now is drill the wire hole all the way through.
Also during this build night Dash,Kevin, and the other new guy Steve started to router out the new leg run.

Skirt work

Today Jen and i got all the styrene arcs attached to the skirts. PD is a female so she will not get any ribs.
After sanding each rib to fit the other two skirts I applied some Tech-Bond glue to the back sides.
While holding the rib in place someone else sprayed it with activator.
My second skirt turned out so well that I am thinking of using this one on Patches from now on and my old one will go on ED.
During the night Brad worked on his fiberglass mold of Dash's wood skirt. He is now working on the center section of the two piece mold.
After seeing how I put my skirts together LC attached some of his skirt pieces for his droid.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Taking Patches legs apart again

I took all the resin parts off R2-CM's legs and Jen cleaned them up.
Once they were clean and dry I started to paint the liquid silver leaf on the parts.
I took my time and got it all in the details.
Once the paint is thinned out enough you can see it start to shine.
Once this first coat drys on the parts I will buff them and put another layer on the really thin spots.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

R3 paint drying

The paint is still drying but I thought I would take some pictures of the R3 dome.
The hand made glass effect looks great.
The logics look good with backlight. It goes from through blue, red, green, and purple.

Good friends

Denny got me a late birthday present a month ago, it is a signed R2-D2 card of Kenny Baker.
My first autograph ever of Kenny!
Last weekend Dawmer presented me with a signed R2 photo at Osfest for getting him talked into finally start his first R2-D2. I wonder if he will think that way a year from now. LOL
This is some of the reasons why all this work is worthwhile. Good friends.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another new frame and the start of another leg run.

Today Dash started doing the rough cuts for the new leg run and one more frame for another new member of our group from the 501st. First he got all the circles cut for the new frame.
Then he rough cut all the big pieces for another four sets of legs.
I helped out where i could as i was working on other stuff.
Once all the leg pieces where cut I set up the table saw and we ripped the long frame rail pieces to width.
Tuesday when all the builders are here they can route out their own legs really fast.

Paint for Scrubs

Took a break from R2 and did some paint work on my scrubber droid. I took all the items off till it was back to just a tote. I washed it and gave it three thin coats of primer.
Here is coat one.
Once that was dry I gave it two thin coats of yellow paint. Tomorrow I will give it another two coats.Between the paint layers I got most of the hoses coated with silver to make them look metal.

More R3 dome work

Today Jen did some work on the R3 dome. She first took the time to put the fake diamonds in the logics and sanded the dome so she could add more stained glass to it.
Jen got everything lined up nice on the rear logic.
Plus the same number of dots on both front logics.
Once that was done she added clear stained glass to the dome. It comes out milky but drys clear.