Wednesday, October 29, 2008

R2-Central Leg Build Night

Ok to much to type so here it is. Tonight Dash, L.C., Brad, and me spent all night jigging and routing legs, fixing and braking routers and actually got a lot done. We are almost ready for glue up. I will let the pictures do the talking :P

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Zoo Spooktacular

The zoo event was fun but the wind was plus 35 MPH, so I moved all the droid stuff indoors and took over an entertainment nook and set up shop there. Everything went great but my power wire came loose for the dome stuff and I did not bring the tools to fix it. :(

Patches, Bruce, and E.G. hung out with the stormtoopers for half of the event.
I still need a haircut, LOL.

The rest of the day people took pictures with the droids and I put on a show for the spectators.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

E.G. the Power Droid!

It has been 2 days sence i glued and painted my Gonk droid and the glue and paint are still tacky because of the high humidity and cold temps. Today it warmed up a bit so I set him outside to dry. Being outside some of the frozen glue reactivated and I had to puts some parts back into place that let loose. EG still needs another coat of paint and the electronics put in but it will have to wait until after tomarrows Halloween event. I just need to break down and get a heater for the BARN, especially if I want my R2 skins to turn out right when I paint them LOL.

Here is some photos of how he looks right now....


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Power Droid painting

Back to the power droid today. I decided not to take the time and replicate the original feet to the letter and made some out of some Rubbermade containers. I cut the top out of the lids and a hole on the bottom side for the leg to fit threw. I also used some caulking to block out all the logos. Then i liquid nailed the lids together permanently.

I primered the feet then used a stone spray texture I had left over to give everything a texture and color when painted.
I glued down the angle brackets and screwed them down for a strong leg joint.
After painting the feet I set them on the stand to dry for a while.
Next I glued on the "E" on both sides of the head and the main power couplers.
I also tackky glued and liquid nailed the top cover on.
I then primered, spackled, then painted the body parts.

Next was the feet hoses, I cut some old hose to length.
I clamped the hose ends together.
Plugged the end of the hoses, and filled them with more liquid nail to drill out later for mounting screws.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Skin work

I got some paper clamps for gluing door parts together. I do not know if I want to glue my skins together or have them able to be separated with viewable screws.
I cut out the area for the power connector so I can use the updated version.
Then I cut some extra skin off the octagon port area so it sits flush to the front skin.

I then test fitted both pieces and they both seem to fit fine.

It is starting to get real cold out so I better decide soon on what I want to do with the skins so I can paint them.