Saturday, July 31, 2010

Having fun

Having fun while watching a movie. Say hello to R4-KFC!
No I did not touch the dome with chicken fingers. lol

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Give Patches a hand

Today I took out Patches' arms so I can start prepping them for paint and final instillation so they stay recessed when not in use. It will be nice to finally have them brown :)

501st Sandtrooper progress

Did a test fit of all the pieces finally and still have a lot of trimming to do but so far everything looks good. I also need to adjust a few of the straps so things stay where they should.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Slideshow of Osfest pictures

Here is yet another video of OSfest3. Pictures taken by Denny Freeman at the Con.
R2-Central is looking forward to next year already!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Video of the droids at OSfest

Here is another video of some of the R2-Central droids at OSfest.
Enjoy :)

OSfest 3 with R2-Central

We were a hit again at OSfest this year with the droids, but this video by far is my favorite.
The dancing Omaha Stormtrooper with droid :)

It is in wide-screen so you may have to open it in it's own page.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

R4's head, done for now

R4's head is painted and assembled for this weekends event. It looks pretty good even with all the rework I had to do. Later I will put a darker eye lens in and a few yellow accents, but for now it is show time.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

R4 Goodness

With time running out to get work done on the droids before OSfest in Omaha Nebraska this weekend, I decided to finish up R4's dome finally. First I painted his holo and set it aside.
Then I filled in some minor imperfections in the dome and wet sanded it one more time. I then washed it and re-primered it.
Here it is with two coats of white at the end of the day. Tomorrow night I should have enough time to put it all back together. I will use a temporary lens in it for now till I order one.

Droid prep

Today I wet sanded R4's eye piece smooth and shot two coats of yellow on it. Now to just let it dry.
Then I did a rough sanding and primer of R3's legs so I could better see where they need more work. Still a little more filling to do.

501st painting this and that.

Got the gun all together and painted. Just got to do a little weathering to it later.
The sounds and red light still work as well.
The front breather for the helmet got some paint as well. Tomorrow I should be able to attach it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

501st extras

Got the ammo packs in for the left shoulder and the belt.
I also got all the little extras in for my E-11 :)

Hopefully I will get the final items I need for my armor before Thursday.

Monday, July 19, 2010

501st costume update

Got some more work done to my armor. The belt is on and fitting good so I started fitting the body pieces closer to my under armor.
A little more work to the back plate and move the shoulders forward a bit and it should be good.
I also cut out the teeth on the helmet and masked off where the painted areas are going to be.

R2-Central on TV

R2 trying on to fit into the SNAP furry suit.
Quiet on the set!
Today a few of us members went to the news station to help promote this weekends three day CON here in Omaha Nebraska called OSfest. This is OSfest's 3rd year and we have been there from the start.
Brad's R2 had fun hamming it up for the camera while Snap the Furry was bouncing around behind us. :)
We will have seven R-series droids at the CON along with T3, and a few other Star Wars droids. KITT from Knight Rider and the TARDIS will be there as well.

Click this link to see the video!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The fighting 501st

Started working on my new armor for the 501st this week now that I have dropped enough weight. So far everything has gone well. I started with the arms then worked on the legs.
With most everything together I now need to trim everything to length so it fits properly and don't pinch as much. Then it is on to the details :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Props for a 501st costume

Had some extra time so I made some accessories for my 501st costume.
I started with a toy gun and filled in all the screw heads and shaved off all the lettering.
Then I gave it a thing coat of black paint. I still have items I need to attach, but this way I am not trying to shove paint in deep creases.
Then I modified this game into a view finder. Adding some nick knacks and filling in the holes.
Then I painted it white and set it aside to dry with everything else.

R4 dome fixed

I finally got the bondo job done on R2's dome. Everything is finally fixed and straightened out.
Now time for the finish work! I wet sanded everything till it was smooth as glass and wiped everything dry.
Then I sprayed a coat of sandable primer over everything. Now to let it dry and fill in any small divots if need be.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

R2 progress

Got a little done today. I glued in the face plate of the back power coupling...
Plus I got the cylinders, wedges, ankle details, and half moons installed on the legs. The picture is kinda dark but you get the idea :)
Now to fix the arms and paint them :P

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Relay for life Cancer Charity event

Yesterday we went to help the 501st with the Relay for life Cancer research fundraiser in Iowa.
The Central Base, Central Garrison, and R2-Central were ready to do their part.
Here is the group picture of some of the people that went.
The Rebels taking over the Death Star.
Taking a break between photos.
TD and R2 hamming it up for the cameras.
People young and old loved that we were there helping out.
Arc Trooper reporting for duty sir!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Build Nights

After working on the TARDIS some of the group came over to work on stuff. Denny was the first to show up so I helped him with is Clone Costume.
Here is his assembled calve pieces. What a ham :)
I also removed any tape from the pieces I painted the day before. Then set them aside to cure some more in the sun. Ohhh shiny!
Dawmer came over next so we could fix his leg problem. One leg was sticking back more than it should have.
After Jeff unbolted one of the legs we all got together and held the legs straight and parallel. Then I drilled a new hole for the mounting bolt. Big D then bolted everything back together.
Good as new!
Next Jeff went to work sanding his center vents to the right shape and installing the slats.
While he did that I got the 160 grit sanding done to R4's head. Next will be 300 grit and some primer.

Tidy up the Tardis

Today I took some time to build the top light for the TARDIS. If forgot to take some pictures of the finished product but I did take some video of it that you can see below.
I also found some matching paint and touched up some areas and painted the sides.
All the scrapes and chips are gone. Now to reinstall the window slats.
Here is a video of the light in action.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Leg work again

Got the first layer of silver on the under arm details for Patches.
I also slivered some other pieces then primed and painted them where needed.
First the ankle details and front charging port...
Then the leg cylinders...
plus the cylinder wedges...
and last the under cylinder supports.
I will give them all two days to dry fully before I attach them.