Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sexy GONK Legs

I added some items to the GONK "Head", it still needs a few items. I also took the rest of the tabs off and glued it into place.
On the back bottom side of the gonk I installed this bottom part of a plastic crate. It will help ventilate the charging devices.
I then took the wood legs I made and cut off the corners so some drainage tub can slip over them.
I took the extra drainage tube I had left over from a job and I washed them clean.
Most GONKS in the movies use metal dryer vent tubs for the legs but they are easily damaged so I went with the next best thing.
I took four shelving hangers and used them for extra supports. The two bottom ones will be hidden by the feet and the upper ones by the body.
The legs may look long now but once the feet are made the legs will look closer to the right size.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

R2 paint and GONK work

Today I tested out some different colors of brown for my R2. I like the dark leather brown on the left but it is to glossy.
I also bought some items for my GONK droid while at the store.
Here is a close up of the charger I use for my 12 volt batteries. They trickel charge and have a float built in so you don't over charge.
I cut out a hole in the top tub of the GONK to recess the front panel into. Later I will cut the rest of the small tabs off.
I then cut some 2x4s and glued them together and some 1/2 inch MDO.
I will show some pictures of how everything is supported later but here is the mock up so far.

Some more OsFest pictures

Here are a few more OsFest pictures of some of my friends.

Monday, July 21, 2008

GONK Power Droid

For the few of you who are wondering what a Gonk droid has to do with Astromech building let me explain.

With as big as our local group is getting and the small battery problems that are already coming up I decided to make my Gonk droid functional.
He will have two 1.5amp trickle chargers and two Futaba remote chargers installed. It will also have a compartment to hold extra batteries and motors for the Astromechs. If time permits I will put in a CD player that repeats the GONK noise from time to time.

First I shaved off the handles on the Rubbermaid containers I got a few weeks ago.

Then I cut out two "E" shapes for the sides out of styrene.
Next I cut a piece of styrene to cover up the top of the GONK.
Later this week I will start building the leg structure and the internal support structure for the chargers. I will also be messing with the skins on my R2 frame as well.

RiverFest and Comic store opening

RiverFest! This is my first time outside in the 100 degree heat with my R2. Everything went well for the most part. Kids and adults alike loved R2 even though he is not all together.

After a bit Clay's R2 joined the fun!

Later in the evening we went to Clay's friend's Comic book shop opening.
Hulk lift droid!
Just a bunch of geeks LOL.

Now that there is no other events for a while I will get back to work on R2. I hope to have the skins on the right way by the Clone Wars premier and my new GONK droid on his feet to the point that he can actually charge up the Astromechs.