Monday, May 31, 2010

Star Wars Baseball

Trooped at a Star Wars Baseball game Saturday evening on the other side of Iowa with some of our other trooper friends. We were stopped for pictures so much that we did not get a lot of pictures. Here are just a few, I will add more as I get them.

One trooper even proposed to his GF of three years. She said yes :)
Vader setting the Mandos straight.
Brusha, brusha, brusha. Long story, the video later will explain it. LOL

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Furry Bowling

After the Star Wars event we got changed and went to another event with our friends in fur.
I have never been to Furry bowling but I had a blast. Furries do not deserve the bad rap they get in the news. Nothing but positive vibes from this group. :)

Everyone was happy to see one another.
Snap getting his game on.
Say cheese!
Adam and me goofing off...yes I have a tail :P
Settling a dispute with Jared the Star Wars way.
Is it my turn to bowl yet? Ruff!
The knight tries to slay the dragon.
She wants to take the tiger home.
Awesome fox suit!
Will definitely go again soon!

Super hero day

Yesterday the 501st, Rebel legion, and R2-Central builders did a Children's event for the community. Even Lord Vader was happy to help out.
Troopers of all types came to help out.
Commander Rex reporting for duty sir!
Lord Vader demands his evening tea.
Group Shot! Droids, Sith, Troopers, Jedi, Rebels, oh my!
After taking group photos for the first half of the event we wondered around the crowds of people. I got a chance to drive brad's R2 again and took him around to see the kids.
No R2, that is not the Stargate Ship.
What do you mean your GPS don't work R2?
After the event we all went out to eat and BS for a while. We had a ton of fun and look forward to the next event!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

R3 Dome painting

This evening Jen and I got some more work done on her droid.
Jen put the first coat of red around the rim of the droid. We forgot how pink it looks before it dries.
While Jen was doing that I did some prep work on the Data port. The two large tabs on the side had to go.
After a few minutes the tabs were just a pile of dust.
Next  I smoothed everything else out by hand.
Finally it was time to spray paint the part. The first coat is a light dusting followed by a second dusting to make sure all the inside corners have coverage.
About 10 minutes later I put on the final coat.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back to R3

Tonight I took R3's head out of storage and dusted it off. I took some time cleaning up any raised glue spots where everything is bonded together. Then Jen added the bottom lead line to the dome.
Once the line was evened out the dome was set aside to dry for the night. Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow night for Jen's photos.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Playing Horseshoes

Had a bit of time last night so I filled in the dowel holes on the horseshoes of R2-CM with glazing putty.
I will have to add a few more layers to get the holes completely filled.
I also did some light sanding on the legs with some 100 grit paper. I need to get some 160 grit and sand one more time. Then fill in any low spots.

Video of a Moose

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Video of T3 at Planet Comic Con

Finally got a video of my T3 at an event.
I would so love to take it to the real Comic Con though!
Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Cleaning part 2

After installing some more of the security features the rest of the tools are now in the garage.
Right now it is just a pile of stuff but soon it will ready to use once I get everything organized and chained down.
Two hours later I got a good dent made in it so I can move around.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

FCBD at Acme Comics

FCBD, people line up around the block to get their comics and take pictures with the Star Wars characters of the 501st, Rebel legion, and R2-Central.

Take that!
Sure you can try out my lightsaber.
Strike a pose.
We all had a great time at Kevin's. We look forward to his next event ;)

Ren Fair

My friends and I went to the local Ren fair to have some non Sci-fi fun.
It was a great day with my peeps, good weather, and turkey legs as far as the eye can see.
Moose! Where!
Watch out, here comes trouble.
Finally the peasant gets the hottest wench in the land.
Look! Horsies!