Monday, September 19, 2011

Droid boo boo

While loading Patches up for an event I ended up almost dropping him because I have been doing so way to much heavy lifting and help friends move. Trying to lift a 125+ lbs droid seamed to be the final straw. Lucky his head was not on. Patches also got a wire yanked as well that is now fixed. Here is a shot of Patches after I popped the two dents out of his back skins. A little filling and sanding, then a respray of paint  in the two chipped areas and all should be good.  No more lifting heavy droids by myself for a while says the Doctor. Sad we had to miss the event but there are plenty others coming. I will take the lighter Astros to the next one.

Monday, September 5, 2011

BBQ and Build day

Our friend Jaka has had the parts for years to get her droid, R2-AL running, but never was able to get it working right. So this Labor day weekend she came all the way from Colorado with AL so we could get him moving. (Sorry for the unturned photos) There are more photos on my facebook page!

The night before Jaka and me laid all the electrical components out, wired them together, and got a test run going.

Laying everything out on the frame. What a mess!
Hobbit hair and all, wiring everything up.

John S. lending a helping hand.

Ben says the foods is ready!

HAZZAH! Is is break time!

Sitting around eating, trading stories.
Back to work! Mo and Dave lend a hand as well with AL.Setting him on the floor after getting the legs back on.
TADA! AL is alive! Driving under his own power! Jaka is one proud mama!
All the kids want to play with AL now.

More photos on my Facebook. :)