Sunday, April 29, 2012

BBQ build day 2012

Yet another successful build day with friends, we had so much fun in fact that we hardly got any building done! lol

Friday, April 27, 2012

Just another day in the garage...

My now "not so secret" project is coming along nicely. The Dalek had to take the picture though.....

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What else do we do? Post #3

We work on vehicles. Today I replaced the exhaust on the truck, it was getting to loud for me to drive anymore so I pretty much stopped driving it for the past two months unless I had no other choice but to use it.

Say hello to my little friend!
Steampunk cannon or redneck potato gun?

Here are a few vehicles I restored or help restore in the past.
A 31 Chevy, yes it is a daily driver.

The Dominator, with it's small tires on.....

First car i ever restored, 1967 El Camino. Had fun in high school with this!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Programing the day away

Now that the rewire of Patches' sound system is done, I can now turn my attention to reprogramming the BASIC code in his CF3 system. I took a few nights to read up on how to program the CF3, it was fairly easy to understand.
 Starting from scratch, I  inputted the new code along with a couple new tricks I figures out that I have never seen anyone else use in their R2s. Should be a cool surprise when done.
Also took some time on this beautiful day to organize the new workshop a bit more. Everything has a place now. No more lost clamps, no 100 roles of the same tape, no lost razor blades and tape measures. lol

Thursday, April 19, 2012

First look at the new project

You have been waiting, so here it is!!! Patches is so excited he is standing on two feet!

Cleaning and soldering

 Today Jen and me brought up the other workshop from the basement and put it in the main work area so friends had room to work during build days.
 We also got a lot more things gone through for the coming garage sale.
After cleaning up I soldered up a special 24 pin connector. 
Lots of little connections to put together.
Last I add a cover and some tape to keep the wires from kinking, and we are done. Now to wire up the three ends! :)

What else do we do? Post #2

Jen and me love to get our hands dirty in the soil, planting all sorts of fruits and veggies. One day we hope to have a formal garden again but for now this little mobile one keeps us happy. :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Constellation 3

Went to one of our favorite cons this weekend. Constellation 3 with a few of my friends.
Here is Denny and Vash packing heat on the main floor. I wore my new SG-1 cosplay later in the day but forgot to take a photo of it.

The 4th and 11th Doctor stopping for a pic.

K-9 keeping score
Hey! Using a sonic is cheating!

View from above, the gaming area and lounge.
Come on K-9!
Yet another successful DW panel with my friends.:)

Most photos taken by Denny Freeman

Friday, April 13, 2012

K-9 update....finally

Finally got a real update for K-9. Made some progress on his build today.
Did some of the final wiring and mechanics. Just needs a bit of grey paint!

What else do we do? Post #1

I have been asked many times, "What else do you do?"
Then I am asked, "Why don't you blog about that to?" Well the answer is, I used to.
 I stopped and posted it on another blog for a while but grew board with it. I think it is time to bring it back here as most new people that meet me think prop making is all I do. So Here is the first of a few posts called; What else do you do.

I am a casual gamer. I used to game every week but now a days it is every few weeks
Today Eric, Jen, and me played some old Starship battles and  two rounds of Catan at a local game store.

Last week John, Hunter and me played the new Star Trek Clix game, it is quite fun.
We got other games I have posted about in the past, click the Gaming label at the bottom of this page to see them. :)

Finish wiring on K-9

Today I decided it was time to finish up wiring K-9 now that everything is working fine. All the painters tape is going bye bye. Time for soldering wires together and using proper electrical tape.
Sorting out the mess one wire at a time.
 Once I was done, the wires were all put in looms to look nice and tidy.
I also wired him up so he can work off a car battery instead of the regular droid batteries, now he can run all day on one charge. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why so serious?

Well, today is my birthday so I thought I would do something a little dramatic. I cut off all my Dude hair!
Not for any old reason but to sport my new Stargate uniform. Great for small conventions for lounging around in on slow days. From hippie to military; whoda thunk? :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Started the rewire of Patches' sound system the other night. This new configuration is going to "sound" way different than it used to with some nice surprises. :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

What do you mean, not enough clamps?

Today Jen and Eric helped me cut a huge amount of lumber, unfortunately this is all I could clamp and glue together before I ran out of clamps. Does this mean I finally have an excuse to get some more! Jen says no. lol

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just a little update

Started wiring some special connectors up for myself and a friend's project. Lots of soldering in my future.
Also Denny got my new SG-1 patch in today! I can see people asking already, who is Chris? lol