Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another secret build!!! Can you guess what it is?

I was told I had to make this secret robot build when I showed my Jen the idea. I do not have a deadline for completing it, but it needs to be finished before I start my build project for 2012. (A Dalek)
This robot has never been made from what I have seen in the real world, can you guess what it is? The only way I would tell you is if you were 100% right at guessing....... :P

P.S. I also updated the banner for  :)

R4 take 2.0

 If you remember a while back I took R4 apart and used some of the parts for my K-9 and R3 build? Now that K-9 and R3 are up and running I got some replacement parts for poor old R4-ED.
 Poor R4 has seen better days, he is always the droid that gets scavenged for parts when one of the other ones have a problem.  Hopefully this time he will stay in one piece. LOL
R3-TL in the back does not know what to think and Patches is hiding in another room. As I am waiting for parts and warm weather for the other builds, I will put poor Ed back together again.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Planet Comic Con

Another great year with friends and stars! Until this weekend I did not know Jeremy (Boba) was in a few early Doctor Who stories. So now I finally have my first Doctor Who cast autograph. LOL

Look what I found at dinner!
Going go carting with the 501st. Jeremy (Boba) even took a ride!
Jen Miller driving her droid as I follow. Going to go do a 501st/R2 panel.

StarGate SG-1 meets SG-U!
501st group picture. I am on the right somewhere. LOL
Dude! It is baby Boba all grown up! No time to play football with him this time, lots of people for him to see.

Dude and Classic Fett.
Got tons more photos on Facebook under Moose Mendolia. Plan to go again next year!

Friday, March 25, 2011

One Hairy Dude!

 Gold dye came in today so I finished coloring my bowling shoes. Turned out pretty good for my first try.
 Take two for the facial hair looks a lot better. The wig needs to be lightened a bit more before styling it.
Dude looking up at the bowling shoes above.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some R3 love

 Today I spent the day working on Jen's R3. I did the final Bondo work on the center leg.
Here is the before picture...
 One of many layers of Bondo. Sand, fill, sand, fill.
 Once everything was smooth the leg got a few coats of primer.
 Here is the after picture of the basic leg in black.
 While I was at it I put the final coat of black on the foot shells.
 Once everything had time to cure I installed the pieces back onto the droid. First I put the legs back together followed by the horseshoes with the shims.
 Now on to the other side.....
 R3 finally has most of her big pieces on. Just a little aligning and tightening up and R3 is good to go for a troop.  Wait till Patches sees her! ((Wolf Whistle))

Armor party

A few old and new members of the 501st wanted to work on costumes so I invited them over to my place so they could get some help with their projects. More photos are on my Facebook page under Moose Mendolia.

Jim is getting his Stormtrooper ready for this weekends con. Denny worked on his  armor project as well.
 Something just don't look right?
 Mark and Heather brought over their future trooper and also worked on Mark's new Sandtrooper.
 Chris worked on his project diligently.
 Grinding away.
 A few new helmets all pretty and clean.
 I even managed to get s few of my backpack parts cleaned up and painted. :)
 Ben working on his Mando.
Once it got dark we all went out for a bite to eat. Even Brad and Adam came to join us for a while..
Jen, Jess, and Trish hamming it up for the camera.
Everyone had a great time and got a lot done. We will do it again soon!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

R3 feet

Today I took Patches' foot shells and did a little repair work on them. I decided to use them on R3 and build a new pair for Patches that are a bit stronger. Here is an old photo of the foot shells as I did not have a camera today.
Once the repair to the old foot shells was done I painted them black and set them aside to dry. Tuesday I will figure out how to attach them as tomorrow I am hosting a 501st armor get together. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who are you?

To cold and rainy to work on my other projects today so I am trying my hand at making my Dude facial hair.

So far I am not liking how it is turning out. I will mess with the beard more later or scrap it and try something different.
The wig for my Dude costume came in and looks great but was the wrong color so it had to be sent back. Oh well, looks like the Dude will have to Abide a while longer......
Well here is attempt number two. I like how the beard part is looking and will try the same thing with the mustache when I get more material.

Gift from a friend

Last night our friend Dawmer gave a few of us other R2-Central builders a thank you gift for helping him build his droid. Repainted mini R2s to look like our droids!
Here we are sporting our mini droids. :)
Patches loves his mini counterpart! R2-CM says Thank You. :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

R3 Leg work

 Today I sanded R3's horseshoe spacers smooth and painted them silver. Once dry they will be ready to mount to the legs.
 I also attached the resin ankle pieces to R3's center leg just like I did to R2-CM's last year.
Once the glue was dry enough I started to Bondo the end grain of the plywood. A few more coats and it should be ready for paint!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Finally got around to cleaning the downstairs workshop. There was a ton of stuff everywhere and some of it was not even mine. Now everyone has room to work when the come over. Heck! I can even work now! LOL
Don't let looks fool you. I may have gotten the inside workshop cleaned but the outside one has a little to be desired. I am not looking forward to cleaning all of this up! At least this mess is mostly mine. :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dyeing leather

It was warm enough today to dye some leather so that is what I did. Now these tool pouches are the right color!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tron room move

Today I moved the TRON room section into the basement with some help from my friends Denny and Eric. Now I can work on it further in the warm confines of the house.  Here is the floor section illuminated to half power. The droids in the room seem memorized by it. LOL

Bowling with the Furries

Last night 5 members of R2-Central went to play with the Furries in a bowling game. R2-Central got their butts kicked but we all had a great time. Here is the after game group shot.

Our resident Vader force choking the pins for a strike.
Adam and me enjoying the show.
During the third round of bowling Snap-E-Tiger asked if I wanted to try on one of his suits. I said yes.
Here I am giving my friend Denny a hard time.
Jen and I all dressed up.