Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another secret build!!! Can you guess what it is?

I was told I had to make this secret robot build when I showed my Jen the idea. I do not have a deadline for completing it, but it needs to be finished before I start my build project for 2012. (A Dalek)
This robot has never been made from what I have seen in the real world, can you guess what it is? The only way I would tell you is if you were 100% right at guessing....... :P

P.S. I also updated the banner for  :)

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Jessica said...

Hmmmm I'm pretty sure that's your R4, I know that I've seen the brown one doen. The one behind Jen's droid was at a prior Celebration. I know you've done the mouse droid and Calvin has the scrubby. I'd know you've already done the one behind scrubby. You said you were about to star the Dalek. I though you already did K9, right. I don't consider the Tartaris a droid or robot so I kind of give up unless there's a robot in Tron.