Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sexy GONK Legs

I added some items to the GONK "Head", it still needs a few items. I also took the rest of the tabs off and glued it into place.
On the back bottom side of the gonk I installed this bottom part of a plastic crate. It will help ventilate the charging devices.
I then took the wood legs I made and cut off the corners so some drainage tub can slip over them.
I took the extra drainage tube I had left over from a job and I washed them clean.
Most GONKS in the movies use metal dryer vent tubs for the legs but they are easily damaged so I went with the next best thing.
I took four shelving hangers and used them for extra supports. The two bottom ones will be hidden by the feet and the upper ones by the body.
The legs may look long now but once the feet are made the legs will look closer to the right size.

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Author B. A. Shields said...

Welcome to the EG-6 club!

Nice job!