Thursday, October 23, 2008

Power Droid painting

Back to the power droid today. I decided not to take the time and replicate the original feet to the letter and made some out of some Rubbermade containers. I cut the top out of the lids and a hole on the bottom side for the leg to fit threw. I also used some caulking to block out all the logos. Then i liquid nailed the lids together permanently.

I primered the feet then used a stone spray texture I had left over to give everything a texture and color when painted.
I glued down the angle brackets and screwed them down for a strong leg joint.
After painting the feet I set them on the stand to dry for a while.
Next I glued on the "E" on both sides of the head and the main power couplers.
I also tackky glued and liquid nailed the top cover on.
I then primered, spackled, then painted the body parts.

Next was the feet hoses, I cut some old hose to length.
I clamped the hose ends together.
Plugged the end of the hoses, and filled them with more liquid nail to drill out later for mounting screws.

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