Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Update

First I started out by widening my holes for my dome bumps. I want then flush to the inner dome.

I then sanded all the JB weld and edges of cut lines so everything is flush.

I put the two dome halves on a level surface to make sure the lip was evenly spaced at the bottom then redrew the lines on the inner dome darker.

I then drilled some holes in the non used pie plate areas and sanded them smooth as well.

I am using Super 77 to bond my dome. Unlike most domes mine outer one is actually bigger than the inner so the very bottom back side is not bonded....yet.
R2 looks like Pinhead from Hellraiser LOL.

While the dome dried I sanded the bondo on my resin eye and primered it. It will not have time for paint to dry by Friday so no paint for now.

I also put a makeshift extinguisher together till my solenoid comes.

The next day after work I hot glued his panels in place real quick because I had an hour till I needed to be at the Theater.
His lower ring is way to big and needs to be cut and re-welded, that is why it is not painted.

Here is R2 "Patches" at the Clone wars release party!

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