Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Build day and helping friends.. with a little gaming

Denny has one of those Star Trek chess boards but it was missing a few removable boards on it. So today we took the time to make a whole set of new ones. Here is an original with the four new ones we are making.
Once the new pieces were made we could not resist playing a game.
The battle is getting heated!
Next I got everything layed out for Denny's SG-1 GDO. Soon the buttons will be recessed in the resin.
Also I was helping Eric with his new Steampunk project, wiring up some LEDs and a hidden power source.
We have light!!!!!!
With so many people doing projects over here again it was time to bust out storage space for everyone.
I got a little wiring done myself on the Tardis.
Later that night we played some Star Wars battleships. 500 points, faction pure.It came down to two fighters battling it out. The last round Eric rolled a 19 and I rolled a 3. Dam!
End of another fun build day, time to clean up for the next one!

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