Friday, February 15, 2008

Dome Motor and Bearing

I started today by taking the time to drill the holes in my rocker bearing. I pulled out four of the rubber plugs on the outer bearing and found a drill bit that was the same diamiter as the plug holes. I then took the time to put a level on the bearing as I used my new drill press to make the holes go all the way threw.
Even though I was all lined up it was still kinda scary drilling holes in a that $60 piece of metal. LOL
After that I temporarily fastened the bearing as close to the center of the frame as I could and flipped the entire frame upside down. I have looked at many different blogs and seen how they attach their motors but I wanted to try something different. I took the center piece out of the stationary part of the mount and mortised the frame till the two halves of the mount fit on either side of the frame. Then I cut out a section of the frame where the swing arm would be touching when it moves. I checked the fit of everything then drilled the mounting holes. I temporarily put all mounting hardware together and flipped the frame back over.
As you can see all the mortise work is done on the bottom side of the frame. I took great care to make sure the mortise was flat and square to the top side of the frame. The lower part of the mount is on the top in this picture just to check for clearances. Later I will switch them back around. I then again temporarilty re-attached the bearing and hooked up a battery and tested it out in both directions. Everything seems to be working well and can't wait to try it with a dome on top.
Later, after I get my skins done I will re-center the bearing one more time.

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