Saturday, March 22, 2008

Let there be light!

Well I took some time to add another florescent light to my temp basement hallway work area because the other two lights were behind me and my shadow kept getting in my way. The new light I attached slightly forward but still above the work area.

Here are a few pictures of my cold weather work area in the basement with just the new light on.

Now I just need to clean up my mess and maybe put a new coat of paint on the walls in this hallway.

Here is a photo of how much brighter my photos are! LOL
Now I just need to break down and get a real digital camera!

Later when it gets warmer I will show you "The Barn" work area which has a lot more room and light. I would put a heater in "The Barn" but it is to big and uninsulated to heat efficiently.
All the money went into the security system anyway. LOL

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