Monday, March 24, 2008

T-nut bliss!

Last night I woke up at 3am and could not go back to sleep so I decided to chisel and drill out some of the inside material that was in the way of installing some of the T-nuts. I also cheated a little bit and chopped off a little of the rounded edge on one side. By the time I got done it was time to get ready for work. LOL
After work today I cut all the pipes to roughly the right length and put these scrap pieces in my scrap metal bin.
Finally I cleaned up all the saw dust from the night before and took my R2 outside for some fresh air. I decided to take some progress pictures while I was at it. It is a nice illusion that these photos make it look like I got a lot done. LOL
I am thinking of painting the frame white for now so it does not look like an over sized toothpick.

The JAG man also posted today that he is shipping out the metal center foot today! Maybe this weekend I can go shopping for casters that will work with it! YA!

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