Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dome cutting and filing

I did some more cutting and filing on the 300 Dome today. I am leaving all the inner dome cuts except the holoprojecters and dome bumps smaller than normal. That way when the two domes are bonded I can file them to where I want them to be. The reason I am not doing this to the holos and dome bumps is because the outer dome will cover them anyway when put together.

I put some blue masking tape around the bottom part of the dome so the two halves do not scratch on one another when taken on and off.

The bolt helps center the dome
Need to file the rear logic a bit more I wish my dark black lens would come before OsFest.
R2! Don't look away when I'm trying to take a picture!
Here is a test fit of my lightsaber I will have behind this panel.Which dome do these bumps attach to? The inner or outer ? I'm thinking outer.....

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Unknown said...

If your black radar eye doesn't arrive in time, can you simply put a piece of black construction paper behind the eye to make it look darker?

-Jeff Koenig