Sunday, June 29, 2008

Getting ready for a news spot

I test fitted the lightsaber for the dome again and I still need to shorten it by 3/8th of an inch to get it to fit all the way inside.While at Menards today I seen some Rubbermaid containers on sale for $4.50 each and had to get two. Can you tell what for?
Monday we will be filming the footage to give to the news station for July 7ths news story about OsFest.
Claybo will not be in town for the filming and he was nice enough to let me babysit his droid while he is gone. It is cool because it was his droid that I seen years ago that spark my interest in making one for myself. Now I get to drive it around for the news people.

What is neat about the picture below is that this is just the droids within 15 miles of my house that will be at OsFest. LOL A lot more from farther away will be coming to the event July 11th threw the 13th.
Clay said I could do a repair to his dome electronics if I wanted to so I got the parts today while I was out. His battery connections in his dome need a better connection because they come loose some times. I will show the repair in another post later.
I also got some of my resin parts fitted into the panel pieces they go into.
Plus my 135 watt motors came in and I will install them some time before OsFest when I get time. Because....
I still need to prime my outer feet and the are starting to show signs of rust. If the weather allows I will clean and prime them Tuesday night. I got a new painting mask while I was at the store as well.

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