Sunday, June 15, 2008

Prep Work

Well today the family came over and I thought it was time to get R2 back off the table so I made a simple platform to hold him up as I have not bolted any of the legs in place yet.
Here are a few pics of the platform, they go between the wheels to keep the legs from moving.

As you can see in the photo above and below I could not help but temporarily hot glue R2's main eye and holoprojector in place so he looked more like R2.

After the family festivities were over I started prepping for tomorrows "hopefully" big day. R2's JAG outer feet come tomorrow and I can finally verify his ride height is right on all three feet. That way I can finally drill the mounting holes for the center foot and clamp the outer feet in place. Then "hopefully" R2 can move around on his own for the first time!

I first wired up the key coder and got all the wires nice and neat.

Then I used Velcro on the receiver and the receiver battery to hold them in place.I installed the receiver battery on/off/charging switch.I also started to straighten up all the other wiring inside him.I also removed the cheap motor controller I got for the dome and purchased a Vantec 411-P.
I did not like that reverse was so slow on the one I had.

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