Monday, June 9, 2008

R2-CM is alive!

When I got home from work my Futaba 9 channel remote was waiting for me!

My mind went blank and I just went to work installing it.

One thing I noticed is that the key coder did not have the nuts on all the switches. Has anyone else ever gotten theirs like this?

I took the Vantec motor controller and added all the wires and tied them up neatly.Then I made an L-shaped mounting bracket out of this old 4x4 post holder so I could attach the controller to the frame of my droid.After a while Jayson came over to lend a hand and we hooked up the motor controler to only 12 volts for the first test. Here is a Vid of R2-CM's first movement done via remote.

We then hooked up the cheap $19.00 motor controller I got a while back for the dome but it only works in one direction, so now I have to find a better one.

After that a storm came rolling in so we packed up for the night. Come to think of it I was so into hooking up the remote that I never ate dinner LOL.

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Victor Franco said...

Hey Moose,

Congratulations on this milestone! You guys are making amazing progress in a very short amount of time.

Yes, my Keycoder came with four nuts in the apparent exact same positions, so I guess that's normal.